Welcome to our farm website! We raise a small herd of registered purebred Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats near the Crazy Mountains in Montana. We breed for high milk production, good temperament and conformation to make excellent home milkers, show prospects or just healthy, vigorous pets. Have a look around and meet our herd. If you have any questions, please reach out to us. If you’re just getting started with goats, see our resources page for helpful information. Thanks for stopping by!

ADGA logo used with permission as a member of ADGA

We are a member of the American Dairy Goat Association and participate in DHIR production testing.

We are a member of the ANDDA. Visit their site at ANDDA.org.

We are AGS members and may offer dual registered goats. Our goats are primarily registered with ADGA.

BDGA’s mission is to promote dairy goats in Montana by educating people about the various uses and benefits of dairy goats through sanctioned shows and other events and we are honored to be a member.

We keep the site up to date, so check back often for updates and goats posted for sale.

  • We’re Moving!
    Exciting news, we are moving our farm down the road! While we’re thrilled, there will be many adjustments for everyone. We are in the process of planning the goat barn, milking area, feed storage etc which will be a work in progress for the next year or two.… Continue reading We’re Moving!

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