Goat Health Records

We believe good records are an essential part of a well-managed operation and are necessary for providing accurate information about the animals on a farm.

You won’t have to guess about a goat purchased from us, because we provide a full record of their health history, treatments administered in their lifetime, current Famacha score, disbudding, vaccines, hoof trims and more.

We use a simple spreadsheet in Apple Numbers(example below) to keep track of everything.

Each individual goat has their own health profile, and we also have a General Journal for herd management. We strive for transparency and are open to answering your questions, so reach out to us anytime!

See our Management page to learn more about how we care for our goats.

If you’re new to goat diseases and want to find out more about goat health and the risks of adding untested animals to your herd, see our Resources page for education.

Aspen Leaf herd Test results below for the Small Ruminant Biosecurity Screen, updated 5/7/2021 Our first blood test shows that our herd is clean; Negative for CL, Johne’s, and CAE.

* Due to the fact that we have not introduced any new animals since the last test, we chose not to blood test this year(2022).

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