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*No goats currently for sale.

*Kids expected March – April 2023! See our breeding schedule for planned babies. We will offer a 10% discount on the purchase price of your goats if you join the waiting list prior to the 2023 kidding season. We can’t guarantee availability of goats.

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Sales Policy

PRICE of PET WETHERS: $100 or two for $150 or $75 with a doe or buck purchase. If this is your first pet goat, please get two! Goats are extremely social and need a goat buddy.

PRICES for Registered goats: Doe kids start at $200. Bucks start at $300: Prices may vary with each goat, and will be posted when goats are offered for sale on the website. Notice>>> We will not usually sell breeding bucklings out of first fresheners, most males from these will be pet wethers only because the young does have not yet proven themselves worthy of influencing the breed.

PAYMENT METHODS: We will accept PayPal, checks(only for deposit) and cash.

TRANSPORTATION: We may accommodate distant buyers by meeting halfway or even delivering in certain circumstances, but transportation and all costs associated are the buyers responsibility unless other arrangements are agreed upon. In many cases we are happy to deliver your goat. We may require a down payment in advance for delivery, if delivery is available. Check with us to see what we can work out for you.

DEPOSITS: When a goat becomes available, we will hold it for you with a non-refundable deposit of $50 within 24 hours, or, if agreed to, check by mail within the week. After 24 hours(or 7 days for mailed deposits), the goat may be reposted for sale if deposit is not received or we don’t hear back from you. Goat(s) must be scheduled for pickup within a reasonable amount of time once a purchase agreement is made. If the buyer is unresponsive and does not initiate pickup given due notice by multiple attempts to contact, buyer forfeits the deposit and the goat is posted for sale again. about owner transfers

HORNED GOATS: All kids will be disbudded in their first week of life unless requested otherwise. If you want to purchase a horned goat, you must let us know & pay for it in full at birth. For disbuddded goats, we don’t guarantee that a scur won’t develop.

WETHERS: (non-breeding males) are preferred to pet homes, but we are not opposed to selling for humane meat raising, and if requested can provide natural, unvaccinated wethers if paid in full when they are born. Be aware that Nigerian Dwarfs are a small dairy breed and would not be ideal for the purpose of meat raising.

BUCKS: We will only allow bucks from certain pairings. Since a buck has potential to influence many generations of the breed for better or worse, we are careful to choose the best genetics for a herd sire, whether selling or retaining him. We will not sell bucks with agreement for buyer to wether; all bucks meant to be wethers will be castrated before they leave our farm. We don’t usually sell bucks out of first fresheners, but there may be exceptions for certain breedings.

NAMING YOUR GOAT(for registered goats): If you have a preference, let us know, we like to get buyer input on names, but we do so under no obligation to choose any names suggested. We may have a specific theme requirement for each breeding line. Registration names are limited to 30 characters including the herd name prefix ASPEN LEAF. Please be understanding and respectful if we choose another name other than the one you suggest, and don’t be over expectant.

We want happy goats and happy owners, and will work with you ensure a good fit for you & your goals. If you should ever decide to rehome a goat purchased from us, we would appreciate your consideration in offering us first refusal with the option to purchase them back if it doesn’t conflict with our biosecurity policies.

GUARANTEE: Once you purchase the goat, it’s health is your responsibility. You accept a goat “as is” when purchased from us, and there are no guarantees of any kind. We will not knowingly sell an unhealthy or defective goat. We will address any concerns that may arise with your goat purchased from us, and at our discretion on a case-by-case basis, may decide to offer replacement or refund. We won’t knowingly register a goat that does not conform to the purebred registry standards. Here’s a great article that explains more about breeding for excellence. Quality is important to us, and we strive to preserve all the dairy and conformational aspects of the Nigerian breed by selecting the best genetics we can so it can only improve. Our breeding decisions are based on their performance as dairy goats, not simply pets. We recommend joining ANDDA, their mission is spot on!

Waiting List

For questions, or to be added to our waiting list, use the contact form below and specify the goat(s) of interest. The waiting list is not a commitment to buy or reservation. You will be contacted when your desired goat becomes available and THEN you may secure your reservation with a deposit once we reach a sale agreement. We reserve the right to terminate any sale we are not comfortable with, and will refund deposits in this case providing no expenses have been unduly incurred to us.

Page last updated 1/21/23

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