We’ve compiled this list of resources & hope it will be of help to you!


ANDDA is a community of Nigerian Dwarf breeders. They offer a monthly newsletter to members with helpful information for beginners and seasoned goat owners alike, however you must be on Facebook to access the newsletter as they have no print or email option. Visit

BDGA’s mission is to promote dairy goats in Montana by educating people about the various uses and benefits of dairy goats through sanctioned shows and other events. They sometimes offer DHIA milk testing classes & host LA sessions.

montana goat producers website logo directory & local resources New website created in 2022! Free farm listings & classified ads.

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Weed ‘Em and Reap is an urban farm raising goats for milking and show! They have a Youtube channel that we love to watch. It’s a fun way to learn about goats. BUYING A DAIRY GOAT: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW Youtube video by Weed ‘Em and Reap.

BLUE CACTUS DAIRY GOATS youtube channel has helpful videos, including how to clip your dairy goat for show, hoof trimming, and just about everything.

Hammock Haven Farm Great youtube videos to learn about milk testing, LA scores, Cheese making and I’m sure lots more.

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Books and Education

Storey’s Guide to Raising Dairy Goats, 5th edition by Jerry Belanger and Sara Thomson Bredesen This book is very thorough and helpful regarding the care and management of dairy goats, but does not offer specific information about dwarfs which makes much of their weights and feeding amounts irrelevant to Nigerian Dwarf raisers; great basic knowledge about dairy goats in general.

Here’s an excellent article explaining goat prices, how to find a quality goat and why they cost more. “Why Expensive Goats?”

Goat Health

Goat Diseases and Problems to be aware of. lady has a wealth of information on her site, obviously a seasoned goat raiser, utilizing unconventional methods of herd health management. She also sells Herbal Wormers if that interests you. Notice: we are not necessarily recommending Molly’s Herbals. Other herbal suppliers are Land of Havilah, and Fir Meadow LLC by Katherine Drovdahl, master herbalist and author of the book The Accessible Pet, Equine and Livestock Herbal: choosing abundant wellness for your creatures.

WADDL(Washing Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory)CAE testing CLtesting Q Fever You can send your goat’s blood samples here to test for common goat diseases. Another lab option is UBRL.

Johne’s Disease fairly uncommon, but still a concern

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FAMACHA System Certification Well worth the effort. You must watch a series of video lectures (taking notes is a good idea) then take a simple, basic exam online to verify understanding of parasites, etc. Next you will make a video showing yourself demonstrating the proper technique for FAMACHA scoring on two different goats or sheep. If you have a willingness to learn, you will greatly benefit from this course. After certification, you can then purchase the official FAMACHA card for a small fee.
FAMACHA VIDEOS by University of Rhode Island

Fecal Egg counting

Body Condition Scoring

Body Condition Scoring Goats Video

American Consortium for Small Ruminant Parasite Control

Understanding Internal parasites ~ Wingin’ It Farms

Understanding External Parasites~Wingin’ It Farms

Don’t Bug Me Soap We found this pet soap at the farmers market and snatched some up to manage fleas on goats. It lathers up really nice, makes them shine and smells great too because of the bug repelling essential oils. A great natural alternative to harsh chemical shampoos.

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PHOTOGRAPHING YOUR GOATS Helpful tips for taking quality photos of your herd.

Goat Registry

ADGA Forms (American Dairy Goat Association) AGS (American Goat Society)

How to Tattoo a Goat

The ADGA Knowledgebase has lots of helpful reading.

ADGA Genetics offers helpful tools for planning breedings, viewing progeny and Linear history of potential sires and dams, etc. You can create an account and save your goats pedigrees for easy reference and future planning. If you want to gain more knowledge about all the numbers and evaluations, I recommend watching the 2 part videos by Gene Dershewitz found on youtube ADGA genetics Part 1ADGA genetics Part 2.

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Find your local feed stores and online goat product retailers here at Montana Goat Producers.

(DHIA)Dairy Herd Improvement Association

We participate in DHIA milk testing. If you are curious about production variations between breeds, see the ADGA breed averages for 2019 lactations on record.

If you have decided to milk test but don’t know where to start, I recommend getting in touch with the Bitterroot Dairy Goat Association if you live in Montana. They offer classes on milk test certification and can help you get started.

To learn more about performance programs, here’s some info on DHIA from the ADGA site. A Webinar by ADGA about how to get started on milk test; it’s long but very helpful. Another Webinar to answer more of your DHIA questions. A shorter Youtube video about Milk Testing and a glance at the paperwork with some explanation. DHI for Dummies 305 Day Milk Test by Puddle Haven farm Interpreting Milk Test Data by Puddle Haven farm

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(LA)Linear Appraisal

A Guide to Goat Body Conformation by Weed ’em and Reap

Introduction booklet by ADGA

AI (Artificial Insemination)

AI Video part 1 by Rebecca Nix AI Video Part 2 by Rebecca Nix

Artificial Insemination in GoatsLearn more and find resources from the Montana Goat Producers Website.


Easy Dairy Goat Conformation

Park County Ag Fair Book FFA & 4-H Learn more about the local Fair in Park County and how to participate with your goats! Find out how to join a 4-H club here.

We haven’t had time to devote to writing much but we do have a few posts so far on our neglected blog here.

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