*2020 > Buck to be used for 2020 breeding season, photos courtesy of Coyote Kidz Dairy Goats and Onaqui Farm. We are excited for the opportunity to lease this guy to sire our 2021 kids. Just look at the udders and linear appraisals behind him! RainEDayWomN is dam to 2017 Spotlight Sale Buckling; Old Mountain Farm Brainstorm who sold for $10,400.00. His sire, GCH Old Mountain Farm Bold Hart +*B, was the 2018 ADGA National Premier sire, and is also the sire to the 2017 ADGA National Champion Senior Doe / Best Udder Doe and is sire to the 2018 ADGA Reserve National Champion Senior Doe and has also sired SG daughters. We are confident Ash will make some beautiful babies paired with our lovely ladies. To see more photos of dams and sires, visit Ash’s page here. Unfortunately, Ash was not handled much as a kid, so he is a little wary of humans, but his standoffishness does not seem hereditary. He is really a very sweet buck, just didn’t get the attention needed to be completely trusting.


Sire: GCH Old Mountain Farm Bold Hart +*B VEE89

SS: Old Mountain Farm Bold Elk
SD: Old Mountain Farm RainEDayWomN VEEE 90 permanent score

Dam: SG Onaqui BQ Sweet Pea 3*M VVVV 88

DS: +B Old Mountain Farm Bravo Quinn VEE 88
DD: 2*M SG Creamery Creek TS SweetNCreamy EEEE 92

Photos below courtesy of Onaqui farm, Coyote Kidz Dairy & Old Mountain Farm

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