Flapper pictured 6/2021 66 days in milk

Coyote Kidz Flapper Girl

birthdate: 4/5/2020

Littermates: none

Sire: Oak Apple Ardent

SS: SG Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos +*B > SD: Old Mountain Farm Helen 3*M

DAM: Coyote Kidz FD Lindy Hop

DS: TX Twincreeks JF Featherduster > DD: Flint Creek S Two Step

Kidding History: 2021 single doeling Aspen Leaf Nellie sired by Onaqui BH Bold Ash *B

Flapper did very well on milk test as a first freshener in 2021, earning her 1*M(pending). Her teat size and placement is wonderful, she was very easy to hand milk. She has calm milk stand manners and is overall an easy keeper.

Photos below courtesy of Oak Apple Farm, Coyote Kidz Dairy, and Aspen Leaf Diary Goats

page last updated 11/15/22

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