Coyote Kidz Rebel Wings
Rebel, 30 days in milk as a first freshener
Sire’s dam, TX Twincreeks SB Fairy Dust, photo by Flint Creek Nigerians

SIRE: TX Twincreeks JF FeatherDuster

Sire’s Sire: Piddlin Acres BJ Jayfeather

Sire’s Dam: TX Twincreeks SB Fairy Dust

DAM: Coyote Kidz Ileenium Rebel

Dam’s Sire: Oak Apple Max Rebo

Dam’s Dam: Coyote Kidz RB Harley Quinn

We appreciated Rebel’s dairyness with her loose, pliable skin and soft hair.

She freshened May 2021 as a 1 year old. On her first milk test, she gave 3.6 lbs.

We were very pleased with her production as a first freshener, and if ADGA processes her records and approves them, she should become a 1*M! She met the requirements, but I have not heard from ADGA about whether they have applied it to her pedigree records, and it does not yet show up on the NG.

She was an excellent mother to her twins, and kidded unassisted with no problems. She had a tendency towards a Herd Queen mentality and made sure to put the other goats in their place.

Rebel has moved on to join another herd with some friends, but we’ve retained her doelings and we’re excited for the production potential behind them with Rebel having milked so well and their *B sire who’s dam is a Superior Genetics 3*M.

Rebel’s dam Ileen’s first freshener udder, photo courtesy of Coyote Kidz Dairy
Dam’s Dam Coyote Kidz RB Harley Quinn, photo courtesy of Coyote Kidz Dairy

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