Kidding 2023

Our four does freshened all in one week and we have lots of cute babies! Kids are all disbudded, but we don’t guarantee that scurs won’t possibly develop(especially on bucks) because we are still learning. Kids are handled multiple times daily to encourage friendliness and trust for humans and will likely be partly bottle raised… Continue reading Kidding 2023

Breeding has begun!

Breeding season is underway, and we’re shootin’ for March & April kiddings in 2023! We’ve turned out Krebs LG Bucksin with ALL the does(see the Breeding Schedule), and we’re super excited about the genetics he brings. Read more about him on his page here. Due to an extra busy fall season here at the new… Continue reading Breeding has begun!

We’re Moving!

Exciting news, we are moving our farm down the road! While we’re thrilled, there will be many adjustments for everyone. We are in the process of planning the goat barn, milking area, feed storage etc which will be a work in progress for the next year or two. Thanks for following along and we’ll keep… Continue reading We’re Moving!

Milk Test

We got our first two milk tests in! Flapper clearly took a drop in her production as we attended a show right before the last test as well as the heat wave that swept across the state with temps in the 90’s. Our county was declared a Primary Natural Disaster Area with the severe drought… Continue reading Milk Test

It’s Breeding Season!

Farm Updates: Yesterday we welcomed this handsome guy to our farm, thanks to Coyote Kidz Dairy for the amazing opportunity to lease him for the breeding season. Our does reached the minimum weight and age requirement, so we are planning for kids in May 2021! See our breeding schedule page for more info about the… Continue reading It’s Breeding Season!