We’re Moving!

Exciting news, we are moving our farm down the road! While we’re thrilled, there will be many adjustments for everyone. We are in the process of planning the goat barn, milking area, feed storage etc which will be a work in progress for the next year or two.

Thanks for following along and we’ll keep the site updated with any new changes to the herd or breedings to come. We’re hoping this fall to get some girls bred for spring 2023 kidding but that is yet to be determined. We’re missing that fresh, creamy milk at the table for sure, and we also can’t wait to see how our first fresheners look with udders!

Update: Coyote Kidz Rebel Wings is for sale. See our FOR SALE page to learn more. She is priced to sell! Please reach out to us with any questions via E-mail.

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