Breeding has begun!

Breeding season is underway, and we’re shootin’ for March & April kiddings in 2023! We’ve turned out Krebs LG Bucksin with ALL the does(see the Breeding Schedule), and we’re super excited about the genetics he brings. Read more about him on his page here. Due to an extra busy fall season here at the new place (and no goat barn/milking parlor built yet), we have decided not to attempt any AI breedings this year.

young boy child bottle feeding baby goat

If you would like kidding updates, please subscribe to our farm news emails and visit our For Sale page often in the spring to check for new kids available! We update the site often.

If you’re interested in a particular kid and don’t want to miss out, join our waiting list to be contacted when the kid is born, assuming it is available and not being retained. There’s no commitment for the waiting list, it just lets us know you may be interested so we can contact you. We reserve the right to retain any kid at any time. You are not guaranteed a goat by joining the waiting list but it increases your chances of purchasing a goat if one becomes available.

There’s a chance we’ll be letting some first freshening does go after kidding to keep our goat numbers in check. If you have your eye on a doe, let us know so we may contact you if she becomes available.

If you need suggestions on which goats may fit your goals, we’re happy to talk about it and help pair you with the right choice for your next herd addition. However, please understand that we can only recommend them for what we “hope” will result from a particular breeding. No one can be absolutely sure of what they will end up with each pairing, but we do our best to select sires and dams for traits that compliment each other and improve the line with each breeding.

Our herd has been disease tested with WADDL’s small-ruminant bio-security screen, and are negative as of 2021(see results on our Goat Health page)We did not test in 2022. We only add animals from tested herds, and keep new goats separate a minimum of 30 days and watch for any signs of illness before they join the main herd.

If you have any questions at anytime, please reach out to us, we would love to hear from you!

Happy Fall,

Rebekah at Aspen Leaf Dairy Goats

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