Kidding 2023

Our four does freshened all in one week and we have lots of cute babies! Kids are all disbudded, but we don’t guarantee that scurs won’t possibly develop(especially on bucks) because we are still learning. Kids are handled multiple times daily to encourage friendliness and trust for humans and will likely be partly bottle raised as well. We make sure newborns get their mother’s colostrum within the first hours after birth as is necessary for lifelong health and vigor. We give Vitamin B Complex oral paste to help kids get up and get their appetites going. We give selenium oral paste when we see droopy ears on kids and to the does to help recovery by replenishing their vitamins. We give the mothers a three-day treatment of herbal dewormer soon after kidding to avoid a parasite attack on their weakened immune systems due to the stress of delivery. We register kids at no additional cost to buyers.

Please notice that we have not decided which kids will be available yet and which will be retained. Not all goats shown will be available. This is just an update post on how kidding went and what we were blessed with. 🙂 Please read our sales policy before contacting us, but always feel free to reach out with any questions!


Cloudy freshened first on March 17th and gave us triplet doelings. As is typical, one was very small(R1 pictured above), but has had no trouble at all getting up there and finding the milk with her sisters, and Cloudy makes plenty to go around. (R3 female MISTY most likely will be retained). *Cloudy may be offered for sale. She is a very sweet doe and such a good mother to her babies.


Sandi freshened March 18th with beautiful twin doelings and is doing a great job raising them! *Sandi may be offered for sale; this is a tough decision to make because we really like Sandi but we just can’t keep so many goats and we may retain one of her doelings.


Flapper gave us triplet bucklings 3/22/23. The smaller “runt” of the bunch has more white and droopy ears that we’re not sure will ever straighten out, but he so adorable! One of these boys is especially well built and would make a nice breeding buck. Flapper has a great udder and unofficially earned her milking star as a first freshener in 2022.


Nellie freshened 3/24/23 with triplets, 2 males and 1 female(doeling will be retained most likely). She is a gorgeous doe and we’re very excited about her first freshening udder.

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Thanks for your interest in our farm and goats!

Rebekah @ Aspen Leaf Dairy Goats

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